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Christian Hidalgo

Christian Hidalgo

This 2-hour documentary by award-winning filmmaker, Christian Hidalgo (Rutherford County, William Tyndale, Journey Thru Creation), pays tribute to the music and people that made America great.

Jam-packed with interviews from performers, visitors and volunteers this landmark film will both inform and inspire.

More About Christian Hidalgo
Christian Hidalgo, award-winning filmmaker, is the director and producer of this film. Christian has filmed projects in England, China, Israel, Liberia, Haiti, throughout the Southwest and all over the eastern U.S.. Christian’s projects include television commercials, historic documentaries, educational films, corporate films and faith-based awareness and support films.

Having received his visual communications training at the Art Institute of Atlanta and his fine arts education at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Christian is a diverse, creative professional. A thorough understanding of effective story-telling is essential in every aspect of Christian’s creative talents — whether through graphic design, filmmaking or web-based multimedia.

Christian left the corporate world in 1994 to begin his own agency in Nashville, TN. Surrounded by the music and publishing industries, Christian found ample opportunity as a creative. As his client base and portfolio grew he began receiving more requests for producing video projects. First television commercials then corporate films and then documentaries. Documentaries became his focus as they satisfied his love of history (history minor in college) and creative story-telling. Christian’s breakthrough documentary, “William Tyndale”, was co-produced with Dr. William H. Noah, a middle Tennessee physician and Biblical antiquities expert. Tyndale was shot in England, Israel and Tennessee.

“William Tyndale: His Life, His Legacy”, received a Gold Special Jury Award at Worldfest and a Finalist for Best Film at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Other films and awards would follow. “Journey Thru Creation” won the Best of Category at the San Antonia Independent Christian Film Festival and “Rutherford County: 200 Years of Our History” would capture a Silver Telly and two silvers at Worldfest.

With 20+ documentaries and corporate films and countless television commercials under his belt, Christian parlayed his expertise into a teaching role for the past several years at Summit Ministries summer world view camps at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. Christian teaches the Intro to Filmmaking and Technology major alongside of renowned instructors such as Deborah Davis Brezina and Dr. Kurt Wise.

Having filmed at the Great Wall and the Western Wall and several points in between, Christian Hidalgo considers himself very fortunate to be able to earn a living doing something he truly loves. His greatest reward is when someone sends a email stating how much one of his films means to them.

Additional work includes videos for:
  • William Tyndale: His Life, His Legacy
  • Rutherford County: 200 Years of Our History
  • Dead Sea Scrolls: The Greatest Archaeological Discovery
  • Uncle Dave Macon Days: A Tribute to Old Time Music and Dance
  • Liberian Ministries
  • Ink and Blood: Virtual Museum Tour
  • The 278th: Macon’s Citizen Soldiers
  • Dead Sea Scrolls to the Forbidden Book
  • SJR 127
  • Trevitt Hall
  • Country Gourmet
  • Smyrna Airport Promotional
  • Good Shepherd Children’s Home
  • Murfreesboro Symphony Orchestra
  • Barrett Firearms
  • Patriot Channel
  • Toots Restaurants
  • The Murfreesboro Post
  • Ole South Properties
  • Demos Restaurants
  • First Bank of Murfreesboro
  • Puckett Station
  • Vista Inns
  • Allen’s Air Care
  • Cavalry Banking
  • Legends Steakhouse
  • AGRSS Auto Glass Safety
  • US Display Group
  • Communicators For Christ
  • Stones River Country Club
  • Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce: Tourism Development
  • Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce: Economic Development
  • Books from Birth
  • DaVinci Code: Breaking the Code
  • Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce: 75th Anniversary
  • Tommy Cash: Why Do the Heathen Rage
  • Generation Joshua (HSLDA)
  • Bedford County EMS
  • Joe Carr Campaign
  • Charlotte Liebrock Campaign
  • Ken Takasaki Campaign
  • The Tedder Company
  • Toby Gilley Campaign
  • Glass America

Christian Hidalgo on his radio interview with Scott Walker at WGNS Radio

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There is a unique spirit that prevails during Uncle Dave Macon Days. It comes from the hearts of the volunteers and the many participants and is just as real as the music and dance. The Documentary captured it perfectly; perpetuating the legacy for this and future generations. I was honored to be included in the Documentary.
Ralph Vaughn

The Uncle Dave Macon Days video has done an excellent job of capturing the magic, music and memories of the event… it is a must have item for anyone who enjoys traditional music.
Patsy Weiler

The Uncle Dave Macon Days Video is a great insight into the beginnings of this popular Tennessee Festival and what it has become. Uncle Dave Macon-the King of The Banjo Pickers and the music he helped pioneer lives on at this great event! It is like a big family reunion for the folks who share a common interest in music and dance. I myself have enjoyed attending for many years now!
Leroy Troy